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James Franco and teen girl's Instagram hookup

"I promise I will not reveal our text messages," Kelly Rippa said to James Franco when he appeared on "Live! With Kelly and Michael" Friday April 4, 2014. Franco was slightly red-faced after an Instagram tryst gone wrong hit the public through gossip blogs. According to Us Weekly, Franco partook in a little social media flirtation with an almost 18-year-old Scottish girl on Wednesday April 2, 2014.

Screenshot of James Franco's Instagram and text messages to teen girl.
Brick Tamland Ch 4 News Twitter account

Franco, who is known for his hilarious parodies of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, asked the young lady, identified as Lucy Clode (Corde in some news articles), if he needed to rent a hotel room so that they could meet up. According to the LA Times, Franco met Clode when she was on a birthday trip to New York with her mother. Franco asked Clode to tag him in a video she later posted to Instagram.

Gawker has screenshots of the exchange between Franco and the young lady, where she tells him she will see him when she turns 18. Franco's hookups have been making headlines lately, after he was included on Lindsay Lohan's infamous list of lovers. Franco adamantly denied ever being intimate with Lohan, but could not deny scheming on a 17-year-old.

Rules to avoid online hookup embarassment

If you are looking for love online, do not make the mistake of having your hookups become fodder for laughs and being labeled a creepy perv. Here are some rules you may want to adhere to when browsing online hot spots for dates.

  1. Never "sext" a stranger (or anyone for that matter). Keep your clothes on! If you have not known this person for two decades, he or she is a stranger.
  2. Check I.D. before you flirt. Although the age of consent varies from state to state, you do not want to star in a remake of "To Catch A Predator".
  3. Remember most smartphones come with screen capture capabilities. Texts, pictures, and whatever else you send can be, and most likely will be, saved and reproduced.
  4. Know with whom you are communicating. Download video chat applications. No one should be "catfished" in this age of technology.
  5. Stop being so desperate (also known as "thirsty" in the social media world). The person you're flirting with online is not the last person on earth. Act like you have some dignity, self-respect, and common sense.

What do you think of Franco's online hookup attempt?

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