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James Franco and Kate Hudson Struggle to be 'Good People' in New Trailer

Has there ever been a movie where someone finds a bag of cash that turns out to be a happy story? Not too often. Even Danny Boyle's Christmas movie, Millions, went to some dark places for awhile there. And so you'd think Kate Hudson and James Franco would learn in the crime thriller, Good People, but that wouldn't make for a very entertaining movie, would it?

Good People

Directed by Henrik Genz (Terribly Happy) and based on Marcus Sakey's novel, the story centers on a debt-ridden American couple living in London, who think their lives have turned around when they find a bag of cash in their dead neighbor's apartment. Rather than turning it over to the police, they decide to keep quiet and use it for themselves, rationalizing that it's the people who decide whether money is good or bad. Of course, there are some who could care less about the ethics of the situation, including a nosy cop played by Tom Wilkinson and the typically jovial Omar Sy (The Intouchables) looking very pissed.

Good People opens in limited release (probably for a reason) on July 25th.

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