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James Franco admits to kissing Lindsay Lohan but nothing more

James Franco
Photo by Brad Barket

“Lindsay” has been over for days now but the controversy remains. When the finale aired, Lindsay Lohan touched on the famous sex list that was sold to a tabloid. Lohan admitted it was real. James Franco was one of the 36 men named. According to an April 30 report from E! Online, James Franco denied the fact that he was ever sexually involved with Lindsay Lohan, but did admit that they made out. Franco said they were friends during a dark time in her life and he believes she may have wanted more than just friendship from him.

The list Lindsay Lohan wrote was part of her recovery while she stayed at the Betty Ford Center. Lohan believes that she knows who sold the list to the tabloid but did not elaborate who when talking about it. Fans who watched “Lindsay” got an inside look at what life with Lohan was like. When she was using, there is no telling what her reality would have appeared to be.

There are several tweets discussing the fact that James Franco dismissed Lindsay Lohan's claims of intimacy. Franco has never been known to be very private, so many are confused as to what the real story is. Lohan has not publicly discussed whether or not the list was of sexual partners or just people she has messed around with. Several other names were mentioned along with Franco, including Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake.

Fans are intrigued with the list, despite it meaning to be a private thing. With James Franco coming out and denying sleeping with Lohan, fans are wondering what the other men have to say. Lindsay Lohan will probably never address her relationship with Franco. Lohan is laying low with this controversy bubbling, and many fans are disappointed that she won't comment at all. It appears that only Lohan and the men mentioned will know the truth about what the list really means.

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