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James Foley beheading: Effective psycho-terrorism

President Obama addresses beneading of journalist James Foley
President Obama addresses beneading of journalist James Foley
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

For this political journalist the James Foley beheading video is a puzzling, thought provoking exercise in international political terrorism. Real or not real, ISIS moves up a notch on the United States military's hit list.

What puzzles me is Foley’s apparent willingness to sacrifice himself for Islamic jihad. As I watched the video, Foley’s well scripted message to President Obama, family and specifically his brother, a member of the United States Air Force tugged at my core-logical being as I and millions of Americans pondered the broad implications of U.S. military forces once again bombarding Iraq in pursuit of a largely invisible enemy.

According to this source not a dime was offered for Foley's release.

At this point I’ve a tough time watching our Executive justify the escalation of military involvement in Iraq for any reason. While Obama underpins his position of targeted assault by pointing to statements he made in June, hundreds if not thousands of civilians are killed, maimed or injured by U.S.(not so) Smart bombs. Bombs, targeted or not, are indiscriminate as to who they kill.

As pointed out by James Foley: Rather on the ground, in the air or remotely controlled, it is U.S. military personnel pulling the trigger or pushing the buttons. We are collectively responcible for civilian collateral damage in Iraq.

U.S. military intervention is a thin line crossed in the name of establishing peace and order in a region controlled by anarchist. ISIS with the support of world-wide Islam will prevail with or without U.S. military intervention. These internationally supported thugs are on the ground and have the willing and unwilling support of the region's people. Fear is a plentiful and inexpensive weapon of warfare and ISIS knows how to wield the sword of fear.

As James Foley calmly verbally reprimanded his President, government and family, it became apparent to me that he did so willingly and without hesitation; that’s the scary part. An embedded journalist willing to sacrifice himself in the name of Muhammad, powerful, powerful stuff.

Mr. President please take heed, we have no business in Iraq. This is not a war that can be won by those with Christian ethics in the name of humanity. It’s time to cut our losses and regroup on U.S. shores..

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