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James Foley and Charles C. Johnson

James Foley
James Foley
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It is beyond the ken of this column, and frankly most people, to express the sorrow, rage and heartbreak that the brutal murder of James Foley should generate among Homo sapiens and other sentient beings.

Journalists in battle zones are heroes and committed to telling the story. Imagine if this world operated in secret? Wars must be covered by the press and thus tragically, some reporters are felled by the brutality of what they seek to explain.

This column is not a scientist but admires the method of testing. Many disciplines try to experiment with different variables, perhaps able to find alternate outcomes.

Here is a test that is very simple. Send Charles C. Johnson to Iraq. Drop in him to an area now controlled by ISIS.

This monster, Charles C. Johnson, paused in his slander of the recently slain Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri to condemn James Foley.

Apparently the noble journalist, held for two years in captivity, did not spit on the men waiting to behead him and start singing the Star Spangled Banner. According to Charles C. Johnson.

This column has not and will not watch the video of Mr. Foley dying. So what was said or inserted or photoshopped will not be personally verified.

The grief and bravery of Foley's parents are remarkable. Their words have meaning.

He is a hero and they should be proud even in their profound grief. The parents of Charles C. Johnson should be ostracized from civilized society.

Johnson, Charles C. believes that there are worse things than dying. According to him, denigrating your country is one.

Okay. It is unclear what skills Johnson possesses except a Cheney-like heart and the intellect of a rabid lemming. But so what. The Bush/Cheney administration led by Donald Rumsfeld really didn’t bother to train the military much before dropping them into the internecine misery that is Iraq.

Hey Johnson, Charles C., good news. You can fight for your country. Since this is an experiment in which conditions should be held constant, let’s just let him off at an ISIS camp and see how he conducts himself.

Johnson, Charles C. - keep your phone because your Twitter feed should be oh so patriotic.

And thank you to all the people who work through danger and fear to keep the world informed.

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