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James Bond lookalike John Allen shares upcoming 'OO7 events' (Photos)

On Feb. 14, 2014, John Allen, a James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery out of Delray Beach, Fla., announced that he will be featured at upcoming events in Miami, Gainesville, Boca Raton and Puerto Rico from Feb. 20-23. Allen will be an active part at all these events portraying Sir Sean Connery's OO7!

John Allen as James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery
John Allen as James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery
John Allen as James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery, Image: SGH Photo Art
John Allen as James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery
John Allen as James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery, Photo: Courtesy

This James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery has portrayed the iconic actor and Bond character for 15 years. Obviously someone out there, many fans out there that is, think John Allen looks the part, and he does!

In addition to working alone on gigs or with other OO7 lookalikes (Glenn Reichle as Pierce Brosnan, James Taggart, Max Ryder and Russell Kozlosky as Daniel Craig... ) Allen has also worked alongside the man himself, Sean Connery!

It sounds like you are very busy this month. As Sean Connery's James Bond, what is your first gig about?

"I will be featured entertainment at a private party on Thurs., Feb. 20. It will be held at the Fountainebleau Resort in Miami Beach. I will be presenting, rather dispatching, an 'award.' It will be by 'Her Majesty The Queen,' and I will declare Sandra Jacobson, 'Dame Sandra,' and present her with a formal plaque. The party and presentation are in honor of her birthday!"

John Allen, do you have more gigs and events coming up?

"Yes, the Annual President’s Dinner is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 21 in Gainesville, Fla. in Santa Fe College's Fine Arts Hall. It will be a 'Night of OO7' in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of James Bond. The reception begins at 6 p.m. followed by dinner. After dinner, the fine arts students (including choral, band, and dance students) will entertain guests by performing theme songs from a variety of James Bond movies."

I understand that you have someone to induct as Secret Agent OO8, plus another event. Can you tell us more about both?

"I'll be appearing on Sat., Feb. 22 at The Boca Raton Hotel and Resort in Boca Raton. Dispatched by 'Her Majesty The Queen' I will induct a new member as Secret Agent OO8 into Her Majesty's Secret Service. Of course that is the elite division of the OO's, and it will be for a gentleman's 60th birthday. The 'party boy' always wanted to be Bond. As a surprise, I will present him with 'A License To Kill.'

After that I hop on 'Your Majesty's private jet' on Sun., Feb. 23 and fly to Puerto Rico. There at their Ritz Carlton I will be hosting and emceeing a James Bond awards themed corporate banquet event for Charter Communications."

As one can see, John Allen, as Sean Connery's James Bond, will be maintaining his action character impersonation which appears very natural and entertaining to audiences, not only at upcoming locations, but everywhere.

This James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery, John Allen shared that he enjoys bringing happiness to people at their special events, and as a result he receives such a wonderful blessing. The smiles and hugs he also receives as Bond are truly a fulfillment to him as a celebrity lookalike.

Considering how busy you are, thank you John Allen for sharing about your upcoming events and personal feelings as well. Break a leg - rather, have fun using your "License to Kill!"

Learn more about John Allen as James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery above at various links, on Facebook, plus enjoy video clips of this James Bond lookalike to Sean Connery at Videos. View Sean Connery, himself, at "Top 10 Sean Connery Performances."

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