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James Arthur Ray: The self-help visionary


James Arthur Ray

November 22, 1957

Honolulu, Hawaii

A news follower wrote in requesting a chart summary for James Arthur Ray, the self-help author and speaker who had three of his followers die in a Sedona “sweat lodge”. The individual requesting the summary specifically wants to know what motivates James Arthur Ray? Will his empire and reputation be damaged by the deaths? Will he face criminal charges? Because we were unable to locate a time of birth, the following chart summary is based upon the planets within the signs and their various aspects within the birth chart. 

Beginning with Uranus in Leo retrograde, we know that James thinks very highly of himself. Those with this placement have their own ideas concerning personal and spiritual liberties. They are typically non-conformists with their own take on how life should be lived. Further, those with this placement of Uranus are overly-proud. Don’t expect James Ray to humbly admit his faults. It will come down to court and a loss of fortune. 

Pluto in Virgo was not surprising in the least to find in James Ray’s chart. This is a placement found in charts of individuals with extremist and far reaching ideas concerning health regimes. Individuals who have battled anorexia or bulimia typically have this aspect in their chart. Individuals who seek unproven means of treatment for terminal illnesses oftentimes have this aspect in their chart as well. Additionally with this placement of Virgo, we know that James Ray is very vulnerable when it comes to criticism. With this, we know on an outward show, he appears to be “handling” the sweat lodge tragedy. While internally, his reputation means everything. What might he do if he reaches a point where he believes his reputation is not salvageable?   

Jupiter is found in Libra. Ironically, this is a placement for individuals who tend to lead surface-based activities as opposed to leading activities that resolve significant issues. 

In Scorpio, we find Neptune. Many individuals with this aspect in their birth charts make a living off of their spiritual belief system. They are occult or religious thinkers. Mel Gibson has this aspect in his chart as well. Those with this aspect also crave power and wealth. 

Also in Scorpio is the planet Mars. With this aspect, we know James Ray has an abnormally high sex drive. He’s likely had his fair share of lovers. Mars is also conjunct Neptune, indicating that James Ray has a true desire for unity. Unfortunately, Mars is also square Uranus. Those with this aspect lean towards folklore even when it collides with common sense. 

The Sun in found in Sagittarius. This is yet another spiritual aspect found in James Ray’s chart. He’s a believer in mind over matter. He’s also blunt with his philosophies. 

Second in Sagittarius is Saturn. Those with this aspect tend to live for the day as opposed to live for tomorrow. 

The Moon is found next in Sagittarius. Once again, this is another spiritual or religious placement. Chances are, James Ray was raised in a strong religious or spiritual environment. With the Moon conjunct Mercury, we know that James is very direct in speech. He also has a fondness for other cultures. This is a positive conjunction regarding the support of other people. With this, we can expect some of his followers to remain loyal to him. The Moon is also sextile Jupiter. James Ray is a born charmer.  Further, the Moon is conjunct Saturn. Those with this conjunction tend to be skilled manipulators. 

 Last in Sagittarius is Mercury. James Ray’s feelings and beliefs are genuine, but far from grounded. He prefers visions over reality.

The final planet to cover in James Ray’s chart is Venus in Capricorn. This is another aspect for individuals who relish tradition, folklore and rituals. They love being in control. With Venus square Jupiter, we also know that James isn’t the best when it comes down to taking advice. Advice is seen as criticism. 

Minus the knowledge of the houses in which the signs and planets fall, that sums up James Ray’s birth chart. It appears that James is motivated by his strong belief system as well as by power and wealth. Additionally, it appears that his empire and reputation will indeed be irrecoverably damaged by the tragedy that occurred during the sweat lodge ceremony. Further, perhaps instead of asking whether or not James Ray WILL face criminal charges for what occurred at the Sedona sweat lodge ceremony, we should be asking CAN James Ray face criminal charges?

* The information in the above article is not the opinion of the author, but rather an astrological interpretation based upon the placement of the planets in the houses of the celebrity’s birth chart. Charts are said to be less accurate when the time of birth is not known. Chart pulled, courtesy of Science of Astrology. To have your own birth chart e-mailed to you, please visit Science of Astrology


  • Clivillés + Cole 5 years ago

    Come on let's sweat (sweat sweat) baby
    Let the music take control (control control)
    Let the rhythm move you
    Sweat (sweat sweat) sweat
    Let the music take your soul (soul soul)
    Let the rhythm move you

  • Jamie 5 years ago

    Dear Rero,
    What you have written about James Ray is spot on.
    I know James from the very early 90's when he lived in Marietta, Georgia. We were good friends for several years until I moved overseas. In those days, He had the same love for money, power and women. He is not a bad person, but he's also not in touch with reality at times. God bless the families that lost their loved ones at the sweat lodge.

  • Fluffy Rabbit 5 years ago

    Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought
    Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about
    So put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts
    Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert and you're getting two thumbs up

  • anonymous 5 years ago

    Visionaries are a joke. Their vision prevents them from seeing they need to stop going to the tanning bed. I think this guy has more teeth than he should.

  • leeanne 5 years ago

    I'm not a follower of James Ray, and completely agree he is ultimately responsible on many levels for the tragic deaths, but was wondering if you could infuse something positive about the man's chart...feels a little like a People Magazine reading...sensationalizing.

  • IntrepidElf 5 years ago

    that's right...everyone with Neptune in Scorpio make their living with the occult. Every single one of them born from 1956 to 1970. Oh please you are making generalities....And by the way James Ray was born in Oklahoma

  • Forest Gump 5 years ago

    Well, Well, I know why momma told me never listen to an Intrepidelf. Now I don't know much about things but any idiot can check and see where Mr. James was born. Mr. James was born in Honolulu Hawaii. It was his daddy that preached in Oklahoma. I guess that's why we don't hear much from elves. Maybe you should stick to making Keebler cookies in that tree. I do love your cookies Mr. Intrepidelf but momma never let me have them much. Well, time for some Shrimp. Have a nice day:)

  • IntrepidElf 4 years ago

    Wow, coming from "Forest Gump" and in his own words "stupid"...this means a lot to me. You took something that was off topic and went with it instead of reading what I was saying. James Ray has stated many time he was born and raised in Oklahoma. Who knows why he would say this if his birth certificate says Hawaii. Hmmm kind of like the fiasco with Obama's certificate? And besides, you are missing the point. The author of this article has made many generalizations about Ray which everyone in his generation does this make everyone a killer or an egotist or a visionary with high ideals? NO! So little Gump go eat some chocolate

  • Forest Gump 4 years ago

    Hello IntrepidElf, it's been a long time. Well dumb butt, trying to link Obama and James Ray's birth certificate in the same thinking is plain no thinking. I think you're stuck in a Neptune Coma!

    To quote you in your post: (And by the way James Ray was born in Oklahoma) End Quote!

    It sure is funny to see you scratching for bits here and there with that brilliant come-back post you made.

    Time for some shrimp, Have a nice day dumb butt :)

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    "Pluto in Virgo was not surprising in the least to find in James Ray’s chart. This is a placement found in charts of individuals with extremist and far reaching ideas concerning health regimes. Individuals who have battled anorexia or bulimia typically have this aspect in their chart. Individuals who seek unproven means of treatment for terminal illnesses oftentimes have this aspect in their chart as well."

    OMG! This is so true for everyone born between Nov 1956 and July 1972 when Pluto was in Virgo. Every single one of them....