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Jameis Winston steals crab legs, receives citation and community service

Florida State quarterback, baseball player, and Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston was suspended from the baseball team after receiving a $30 citation for stealing crab legs at a Publix on Wednesday. The superstar talent also has to perform 20 hours of community service.

Heisman Trophy winner in hot water
Photo by Stacy Revere

According to multiple reports, Jameis Winston needs to complete the sanctions and none of this will ever show up on his record. However, as the Heisman Trophy winner, everything you do is of public record.

If there's anything we learned from Johnny Manziel, players must stay on the straight and narrow. This little story is so big, there's a 2 p.m. news conference in Leon County to discuss the details.

Jameis Winston has had a tumultuous year since becoming a household name in Tallahassee, Fl. He threw the game winning touchdown in the BCS National Championship game after getting his name cleared from sexual assault allegations.

We will have more as the story progresses.

Here is the timeline of the LCSO press conference via Patrick Nohe

LCSO says that Winston was not arrested.
— Patrik Nohe (@PatrikNohe) April 30, 2014

LCSO: "Jameis Winston has not been arrested for any crime. he was issued a civil citation, which is a pre-arrest diversion."
— Brendan Sonnone (@osfsu) April 30, 2014

Jameis Winston claims to have forgotten to pay for the food, which was priced at $32.72

Winston claims to have forgotten to paid, admitted as much to sheriff's office. Made no effort to re-pay it.
— Patrik Nohe (@PatrikNohe) April 30, 2014

Now he has to complete 20 hours of community service.

It was at Club Publix, they were seafood items that were prepared in the deli. Crab legs and crawfish.
— Patrik Nohe (@PatrikNohe) April 30, 2014

Once Jameis Winston completes his 20 hours of community service, he can rejoin the Florida State baseball team. Football coach, Jimbo Fisher agrees with the suspension.

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