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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jamaican bobsled team sell Girl Scout cookies on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (video)

The Jamaican bobsled team has been raising money for the trip to Sochi for their chance to compete in the Winter Games. The small team might not have big dreams, but to get to 2014 Sochi Olympics the athletes needed $80,000. As gifts and donations have been pouring in from all over the world, the show Jimmy Kimmel Live seemed to have the guys in front of the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday night selling Girl Scout cookies.

The funny moment has people chuckling about the dedication of the team. Fundraising right in front of the theater was comical and even if it wasn't the actual team, it offered up the point that the Jamaican team may not have had the resources of other teams like American athletes, but could still make their way to Sochi to compete. In fact the team has confirmed they will be in Sochi on race day.

The Jamaican Bobsled team was recently spotted at the Sundance Film Festival as well. The trip to Park City, Utah was to meet a few stars and stir up support. Since the team is practicing close by it probably was a great break before getting ready to head to Sochi.

So far the Jamaican bobsled team has raised over $120,000 to go to Sochi. Even if they don’t win, the team offers a perspective of how hard people will work to get the chance to compete for the Winter Olympics.

Take a look at the video clip from Jimmy Kimmel showcasing the Jamaican Bobsled team selling cookies.

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