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Jalapeño on Kickstarter makes you a DJ while snowboarding or skateboarding

Usually when you're riding your skateboard in your neighborhood or doing tricks with friends, or snowboarding / skiing on a mountain, more often than not you're listening to music on your iPhone. Having a soundtrack is pretty cool when you're engaging in some type of action sport, but wouldn't it be even cooler if you could actually interact with your music with the moves you're making?

Jalapeno on Kickstarter
Jalapeno on Kickstarter

I covered Beat Farm back in September 2013 when they were showing their prototype at Philly Tech Meetup (You can read the article here). The Beat Farm team has been working really hard on their first iteration of the consumer version and they're calling it Jalapeño, and boy does it look hot. You can order one on Kickstarter and check out their cool video here showcasing how this little gadget works in sync with your iPhone.

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