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Jaktogo offers luggage with a twist. The twist is that this luggage piece is wearable. It is also of innovative design, water and wind resistant, custom made in leather and denim and a jacket or bag with 14 various sized pockets.

The one that we have received is a beautiful blue, size large. It's also slightly heavy and hot to wear. However, for those afflicted with (luggage separation), this piece of luggage is the answer! Granted, we always feel a twinge of fear when we drop our medicine-filled luggage off at the airport. It's hard not to.

You are urged via enclosed literature not to wear the jacket when it's full while in a lounge or to sit down when the jacket is packed full of your things. You are urged to wear the bag..."only when needed - at check in and when going through the gate!"

Hence, we have decided that this JakToGo is an excellent idea. It's simply not feasible for our personal luggage tastes and desires. However, we do like the concept of the jacket!

The piece which we've received retails for $82.49 and may be purchased here.

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