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Jake's Tavern Hosts a Post Turkey Party to be Thankful For

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This coming Friday evening, November 29th, Jake's Tavern in Sarasota, is the place to be as Kelly Shaefer welcomes all to this fine establishment to take in a show featuring his latest musical project: Stones of Madness. There are also two other bands joining them on this bill, DRVN will come down from St. Pete and the Disciples of Mayhem have been added as well to round out one of the hardest rocking shows to close this year winding down!

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If there is one show you do not want to miss prior to the year changing over, this fan would have to say that this is the one, as some of the finest in regional music will be on one stage. Stones of Madness is a breath of grand, hard metal goodness, and Kelly Schaeffer knows a thing or two about this, as he founded the Death Metal band, Aethiest, in 1984 and emerged yet again in 1995, in what is coined as a Nu Metal band, Neurotica. I was fortunate enough to work with both Mr. Shaefer and his again current drummer, GJ Gosman at a little place in Ft. Myers years ago and just never had the pleasure of meeting these gents. But I do know good music when I hear it and that is all you will ever receive from any project from Kelly Shaefer, that is a guarantee.

Yet again, this man and his project stand on that edge of pushing metal into still another new direction and the ride has only just begun, get to Jake's this Friday to see what I am talking about. You do not get to audition for Velvet Revolver if you do not know what you are doing, know what I mean? This band breathes excitement within this fan to see where Kelly, Julia, GJ, Shawn and Scott shall push metal next. The talent joined in this band from all former successful and well know musical projects alone is enough to place your money on for a successful venture. A relevant artist is one who takes his talent and can transform it into something new and possibly ahead of their times and Kelly Shaefer has proven this fact, time and time again.

Another fine band that we had the pleasure of meeting and taking in their live show in St. Pete will make the trek to Jake's this Friday as well. DRVN will bring their rough, yet lyrically melodical (yes, it's a lovely combination) stage show to Sarasota and I could not be more thrilled to get a shot closer to home to see them again. Bruce Prokopets said it best, DRVN likes to take the music from the 90's and make it still interesting and relevant to today's times and sound trends...and they do this rather well! There sound is indeed well driven Alternative Rock and to see them all gel together live is just satisfying. The energy these lads produce on a stage is something to take in and release right back to them, come to Jake's this Friday and see for yourself it is never a bad night on this stage!

This evening just gets better as now the Disciples of Mayhem have been added to round out this tri-fecta of serious rock! This band features former members of Smackhead, so this night packs quite the treat for any rock fan that appreciates aggressive, hard and original music. The guitar in their playlist with the newer singles from the Disciples is similar to that of Smackhead's style of the darker/deeper side of things, with some new ingredients added for an improved flavor, on a grand original concept. Their ballads touch very closely to those of Queensryche, so they are indeed a line up to travel to take in. We hope to see you at Jake's Tavern on this grand evening.

This show begins around 9:00 PM; however, being there for a prior Stones of Madness show, this bar will be packed very early on, so if seats are your preference at a show you may want to arrive around 7:30 - 8:00. There is a $5.00 cover charge and this show is worth more than that, so put your rockin boots on and thrash right out of them on Friday, November 29th at Jake's Tavern in Sarasota, I did last time! This is one hell of a show for $5.00, no better bargain around.

Jake's Tavern features live entertainment regularly and you may gain their schedule right here.

Sample these three fine bands right here:

Stones of Madness
Disciples of Mayhem

Facebook is a great place to keep up with all these fine bands featured, so please be sure to locate their pages, like them and get dates marked on your calendar to catch their live performances, links provided below:

Stones of Madness
Disciples of Mayhem

Visit the events page here.

Special thanks to Kelly Shaefer, Jake's Tavern, Julia and GJ, Shawn and all bands performing for inviting us to this show that shall be a breath of the hardest and most energy spitting rock in this region! We shall see you this Friday!



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