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Jake: recovered and healthy at Rough Road Rescue now seeking his forever home

Jake was in bad shape when RRR first rescued him. He's come a long way thanks to the Svehla's and their determination to rescue the animals of Perry County, MO
Rough Road Rescue, Inc. and Gila Todd

When Rough Road Rescue found Jake last February, he was a mess. He was out in the county, curled up along the side of a shed, cold, starving, and severely injured. Steve Svehla, founder of the rescue, took Jake immediately to Dr. Freeman at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Perryville.

During evaluation and treatment it was determined that Jake had been hit and was suffering from head and pelvic injuries as well as extensive nerve damage. His road to recovery was to be a long one. Jake would need extensive medical attention, therapy, and a lot of tender loving care to overcome his injuries. Lucky for Jake he was found by Rough Road Rescue and the very best care is what he got.

After months of proper care, braces, continuous therapy, and lots of love, Jake is in fantastic shape. No one could have believed he would bounce back as he has and be the most loving, gentle giant anyone has ever met. He’s friendly to everyone both two legged and four and ready to play at any time.

Jake enjoys a clean kennel, taking care not to mess up his spacious quarters, and waits until his time out of the kennel to do his business. He is very partial to his “blanky” and toys, and as you can see by the image, is kept in tidy fashion by Steve and Linda. He does not live in an everyday, run of the mill, kennel. He enjoys play time each day and interaction with people and other animals alike. Jake is a happy, healthy, and very loving boy.

Steve and Linda have exhibited top notch care of the animals in their charge at Rough Road Rescue; not only with Jake but with all of the dogs living there. The kennels are kept meticulously clean; all dogs are provided with food, water, and comfortable bedding as well as toys for enrichment. Both Steve and Linda spend a great deal of time interacting with each dog, multiple times a day, and do not limit themselves to basic care and necessities. No one could possibly count the hours of love and attention that Jake has received with all of his needed medical care and therapy; therapy provided by Steve and Linda themselves.

It is because of this kind of attention that the animals adopted from Rough Road Rescue are healthy, both physically and mentally, are well socialized, and ready to meet their forever families.

Jake is now ready for adoption. Because of his previous injuries and the fact that he is so neat and calm, the rescue would like to see him adopted into a home that will allow him to live indoors and provide him with the easy life he deserves. To read more about Jake, check out his Adopt-A-Pet page by clicking here.

If you are interested in Jake, or any of the dogs at Rough Road Rescue, please contact them at (573) 547-8070. The rescue is located at 9126 S. Hwy. 51, Perryville, MO 63775. You can check them out online on their website, or on Facebook by clicking here.

Rough Road Rescue, Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3), non-profit organization, working to save animals in Perry County Missouri. Rough Road Rescue is the first and only animal rescue located in Perry County.

Donations are always gladly accepted for the care of Jake and all the animals of Rough Road Rescue. You may make donations by sending them to the address above; online by clicking the donation buttons located on each page of their website or on the tabs of their Facebook page. All donations are tax deductible.

Update: Aug. 2014
Just a couple of weeks after this article was published, Jake was adopted into a loving home. By all reports he is doing well and adjusting happily with his new family.

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