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Jake Gyllenhaal 30 pounds: Actor talks losing weight for role

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently lost 30 lbs. for a role in a movie and the actor is now talking about it. On Tuesday, Yahoo shared what he had to say about losing this weight and actually himself as well while preparing for his role in "Nightcrawler." He even got a small scar on his hand during filming that will always remind him of it.

The scar was an accident, but it just seemed to fit in the role at that time. Jake said, "We were in the middle of a scene with a mirror, I hit the mirror. It was just a choice in that moment that happened." It wasn't even part of the script. This character had to be skinny and Jake did what he could to make it work.

Jake barely ate and even ran 15 miles at a time to stay small for the film. This is a very dark character for Gyllenhaal to see. Jake shared saying, "I always have nightmares. I don’t really believe in nightmares. I don’t believe the things that scare us are in our dreams. I think they are us communicating with ourselves. Even if I’m scared, I think they are helpful sometimes."

Jake doesn't really mind his scare though. He shared, "As an actor, you’re constantly true to your feelings and the feelings of a character. The most interesting moments are always the most unexpected. I’m not saying it’s a positive thing to get hurt and have to get stitches in your hand. But to me, the scar is about a certain type of commitment."