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Jake Clayton 27 Instruments

Jake Clayton Fiddle
Jake Clayton Fiddle
Jake Clayton.Com

Jake Clayton is from Mexico Missouri a small town of about 10,000.It is located between Kansas City and St. Louis. Jake plays 27 instruments and has an inspiring story of how he got into the music business touring presently with Sunny Sweeny.

Jake Clayton 27 Instruments
Jake Clayton .Com

Jake’s parents were singers they would record tv specials. Jake watched Garth Brooks live in central park and was drawn to the fiddle and he knew he had to play. The family had an old fiddle that was a couple hundred years old that was in pieces and they had a Luthier put it back together

Jake started by watching the recorded shows and slow them way down and he begun to self teach. Jake also played acoustic guitar and learned those two instruments .

That led to his first job playing professionally at 16 at a Country Theater. He started by playing fiddle, then a banjo was needed for the song rocky top and Jake said I will try it and give it a shot. A banjo was provided and Jake worked it up for the show that night.

That was the beginning of the 27 instruments Jake found he had the ability to pick things up easily and next a dobro was needed for the song Harper Valley PTA and he learned that.

Then it began a challenge next a mandolin was needed for a the highway 40 blues and Jake took the challenge again. Jake now plays 27 instruments.

Music is my language says Jake I ‘d rather listen to music that doesn’t have lyrics you can interpret it any way you want to. I like instruments and there’s a vast variety of sounds and when I like something I learn it.

Jake got from playing shows at Mark Twain Lake to Nashville. Jake played with another band the house band at Nashville North in Taylorville Illinois. Jake said that over the period of 6 months I saw this same tour Manager with Josh Gracin, Jimmy Wayne and others his name was Gene Dries.

Gene said I’ve seen you multiple times and seen you play so many things. Jake said, I was 18 or 19 thinking I was the world’s biggest star being there. Gene convinced me to audition for the Oak Ridge Boys I went out with them for several shows then other people started calling Jamie O Neal, Jimmy Wayne. Now I work for Sunny Sweeny. I worked for four years for Tanya Tucker. I absolutely loved her music.

Jake’s favorite instrument is the fiddle the second is the dobro from there it just depends on how he is feeling. Some days might be cello, piano. Fiddle is definitely my favorite.

Jake has his own CD out called Barnyard Stomp. It’s created with fun uptempo music. Jake said we enjoyed expressing having fun. The barnyard Stomp came through about half way through the record and we my producer Rob Daniels said it felt like a barnyard stomp. So we chose that. It has worldwide distribution Amazon, CD Baby and

Jake played everything but the drums. Producer Rob Daniels played guitar on first and last song.

Jake is on tour with Sunny Sweeny. He is touring all over the country. Her song out is drank myself single it’s a country song . Check those dates out at or

Inspiration from Mexico Missouri to touring all over the country with numerous country talent Jake reminds people that you set your own boundaries you set your own path.

People will keep you down they said oh you won’t be able to do that. Believe in yourself you can go as far as you want to go there’s no limits.

Jake has a website at Jake.Clayton.Com and his instrumental CD is available nationwide on Amazon.Com CD baby.


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