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Jail time for woman who left dog to starve to death inside of home

British lawyer sent to jail
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According to Thursday's publication of the New York Daily News, a British lawyer who starved her dog to death, has been sent to jail.

In addition to 18 weeks behind bars, the judge banned 27-year-old Katy Gammon from ever owning an animal again.

Gammon's fall from grace stemmed from the cruel treatment to her five-year-old boxer, "Roxy," who was locked inside of Gammon's residence, without any access to food or water, for an agonizing period of time. The abandoned dog did not survive her time alone, and there was evidence inside of the kitchen area where she was left that showed her desperate attempts to escape.

Nobody discovered the wasted body of the abandoned dog for 10 weeks.

The court heard from RSPCA official Chris James who advised that Roxy would have suffered greatly before finally succumbing to death - James noted that the dog would have experienced muscle spasms, severe abdominal pain and kidney failure.

Roy Mayall, chair of the bench, admonished Gammon, stating:

You failed to act as any normal person would. This is the most serious incident of animal cruelty that we have encountered in these courts."

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