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Jaiden the Cure Joins the Ranks of Lauryn Hill

Jaiden the Cure
Jaiden the Cure

Since Lauryn Hill has not come out with a new studio album since the last decade, many are trying hard to follow in her footsteps and one artist in particular has got it right and it’s not a female; it’s a male artist on the verge of something big. Jaiden the Cure is bringing live instrumentation, profound lyrics, and has an ear to the streets and delivers that to the stage and recording process. On tour with Chris Brown, Jaiden had time to sit down with and speak to us.

Where did you get the inspiration to become a singer/songwriter?

Well, I come from a musical family. I didn’t start taking it seriously until I started listening to D’Angelo and Prince.

Is it safe to say that who you looked up to?

Yes, definitely.

For those who don’t know, where did you get the moniker “the cure” from?

I performed at Quincy Jones's Bel-Air Estate one night at one of his events and I was there performing on his piano. I had a long discussion with him about the current state of the music industry and how there’s not much depth to it now and how artists need to put more feeling into it. He basically said that I would be it—“the cure”.

You worked with many people including Lauryn Hill to Jay-Z. Who did you get inspired from the most and who did you find the most challenging?

I guess I was the most inspired by Jay Z just by how he works and operates. He does a million things at once. Most challenging was Estelle. I guess working with big budget stars, I found it more difficult working with her.

I am officially dubbing you the male version of Lauryn Hill.

That’s a huge compliment! I was such a huge Lauryn Hill fan especially working with her was such an amazing experience.

Your album is very somber.

I was on the road and I was away form my family and friends. There were times when I was home sick. There were times when I was a little bit isolated from being on tour and such.

How is touring?

I am excited about bringing my music to new people. That’s what I wanted for a real long time.

Do you bring your own band on tour with you?

I am lucky to know musicians all over the place; so whenever I hit a new city I can make a phone call and make it happen!

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