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Jahi McMath released to the Alameda County coroner

Jahi McMath was a vivacious a 13-year-old girl who went in for a routing tonsillectomy and ended up on a ventilator only to be later declared brain dead. Since Jahi is considered dead by the hospital she was released from the hospital first to the Alameda County coroner and then to her mother on Sunday night.

Jahi worried that she "would not wake up."
McMath family photo

Though the Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland declared the child brain dead and fought to have her removed from life support Jahi's family insists that she shows signs of life and are unwilling to pull the plug on their daughter just yet.

When she left the hospital there was no feeding tube in place, but she was being cared for by a critical care team.

A facility in New York has announced that they are ready to accommodate Jahi, but her official location will not be released.

Dolan said,"We've had people make threats from around the country. It's sad that people act that way," . "So for Jahi's safety and those around her, we will not be saying where she went or where she is."

Allyson Scerri, founder of New Beginnings Medical Center in New York released a statement saying that, "at this time we're named as the potential facility that Jahi and her family will be coming to, but we will know more details in a couple of hours, and we'll certainly be happy to let you know as we know."

Scerri wrote in a letter on court files that "We are aware of Jahi McMath's dire situation, and we are willing to open our outpatient facility to provide 24-hour care as an inpatient, long-term facility for Jahi with the required and appropriate medical staff that she depends upon."

Children's Hospital Oakland believes that Jahi is suffering from an irreversible condition, and they stated on the record that "No amount of prayer, no amount of hope, no amount of any type of medical procedure will bring her back; the medical situation here in this case is that Jahi McMath died several weeks ago."

Jahi's mother told CNN that she has witnessed improvements, and she is not giving up on her daughter or the possibility that she will recover.

There is an account in place to help the family for those who wish to donate.

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