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Jahi McMath released to mother's custody

Top news coming in to a warm and sunny San Francisco today is about Jahi McMath

Jahi McMath released to mother's custody
Jahi McMath released to mother's custody
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Jahi McMath released to mother's custody
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The 13-year old teenager who was pronounced brain dead after a tonsil operation, has now been moved to a secret location.

The deadline to move her from Children's Hospital in Oakland already passed (Jahi McMath, family faces deadline to move her)

The mother of Jahi McMath has been awarded custody of her daughter.
According to local ABC 7 News:

"McMath, 13, had been on a ventilator for nearly a month at Children's Hospital Oakland. McMath will be taken by the family to an unknown destination, hospital officials said."

A judge granted permission on Friday for McMath to be removed from the hospital, with a ventilator but without a feeding tube, and only after Jahi's mother assumed full responsibility for the removal.

Jahi's mother had to assume the strong possibility that Jahi may go into cardiac arrest.

"It's a heartbreaking story," says San Francisco resident, Katie Adler.

"A judge cleared the way on Friday for McMath to be moved from the hospital on the condition that the girl's mother must assume full responsibility for the move, including the possibility that her daughter could go into cardiac arrest, said ABC 7 News."

McMath was first given over to a coroner and then given to her mother, as granted in the court order.

The lawyer for the family, Christopher Dolan, said that McMath left Children's Hospital, Oakland in a private ambulance around 8pm on Sunday night.

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Source: ABC 7