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Jahi McMath: body deteriorating say experts

Top news coming in to San Francisco today is about Jahi McMath. News reports from say that the teenager's body is deteriorating.

Jahi McMath, body deteriorating
Jahi McMath, body deteriorating
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Jahi McMath: body deteriorating
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One report says that a death certificate has been issued by the coroner for Jahi McMath.

On the other hand, however, the lawyer for the family (who has been receiving death threats) says that because she is receiving nutrition due to her feeding tube, her "health is improving" and she is stable.

"We would all love for a miracle to happen, but it doesn't sound like it will," says San Francisco resident, Katie Adler. reports:

"Medical experts say that (her) condition is undoubtedly a deteriorating one. Yesterday marked a month since since Jahi's Dec. 9 surgery, and the San Jose Mercury News and Los Angeles Times share notes written by a critical care pediatrician at Children's Hospital Oakland last week and (these notes are) contained in a court filing."

Those notes says that blankets are needed to keep Jahi warm while "the elasticity is fading from the tissues" under her skin.

In addition, there is an occurrence of muscle contraction and this is likely to continue, and, in fact, to get worse.

One neurologist, according to the news site, says that Jahi is not getting life support, she is getting organ support and that no hope or heroic measure will make any difference to that fact. He said:

"Her organs are slowly dying. Her fate is written; it's just a question of when everything fails."


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