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Jaguars in souper bowl

Ok, so the Super Bowl wasn't in the mix this year for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the Souper Bowl is!  The Jaguars are taking on the Green Bay Packers in the annual Campbell’s Chunky Soup “Click for Cans” championship.  The winner will receive an additional 5,000 cans of soup to give to the charity of their choice.  Fans can vote here once a day through January 26.  

Just 7-9 during the NFL season, the Jaguars improved to 17-0 in the soup season with wins over Indianapolis and Buffalo in the playoffs. The Packers, who have won an amazing seven consecutive titles, remained perfect by outlasting Chicago and New Orleans.  Each week, teams were featured in matchups that mirrored the actual NFL schedule. Wins were based on the top vote-getting team in each matchup. The top four teams advanced to the postseason.

So by now you're wondering how these teams stack up.  Fret not!  We've got you covered with this handy tale of the tape.

                              Jaguars                      Category                        Packers    

                                   0                            Super Bowl Titles                 3

                                   0                            Souper Bowl Titles               7

                              397,214                    2009 Total Attendance       565,666                    

                                 48%                       % of fans who like soup*      77%

                                      * rough estimate based on 2000 soup census                                                                                   

Ok, so it doesn't look good for the Jags.  But hey, through their fans support, the team has already garnered 13,000 cans of soup for Second Harvest Food Bank, a North Florida organization that distributes food and grocery products to the hungry.