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Jaguars, Mustangs and Vipers, oh my!

The SRT Viper supercar is a beauty to behold.
The SRT Viper supercar is a beauty to behold.
Photo © 2013 by Don Bain

The Denver Auto Show is now down to its last two days and if you haven’t made it you owe it to yourself to see just how advanced today’s cars have become – especially if you are planning a purchase during 2013.

Where else can you compare every four-door sedan from $20 to $40K within the space of a few blocks in one afternoon? This is a place where you can marvel at a conversational pool table that has a Mustang front and back end plus appropriate door like panels on the sides.

You can see the new two-seater Jaguar F-Type convertible, that can do zero to 60-mph in its 495 horsepower V8 level in 4.2 seconds. Now, many of their models come with rear-biased all-wheel-drive.

Try to keep from drooling when you gaze upon the racetrack born and bred SRT Viper V10 dream car. In its fifth generation the Viper has in many ways exceeded the engineering excellence and riveting performance of the most expensive and exotic cars in the world.

Or maybe your taste runs to the other V10 supercars on hand – such as the Audi R8 Spyder or the Lexus LFA. Of course, you can actually get close-up and touch beauties like the Lamborghini Aventador (a virtual real life Batmobile), exquisite Maseratis or even Aston Martins with a license to kill boredom cold.

You may also admire the wisdom of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press who named the 2013 Audi A5/S5, Ram 1500 and Ford Escape as the car, truck and SUV of the year.

There are urban commuter cars of every style and powertrain, convertibles and sports cars for the most demanding enthusiasts, and trucks to turn a construction worker’s or rancher’s head.

Then at Camp Jeep you can try out some of the vehicles best suited to Colorado terrain and weather on a track demonstrating the Jeep’s considerable offroad capabilities.

You can even see the numerous electric cars and plug in hybrids that will not only help your bottom line, but also aid in lessening greenhouse emissions and dependence of foreign oil.

Numerous ride and drive opportunities also exist for those who are seriously considering the replacement of a 12-year-old car, and the weather tomorrow should provide the perfect chance to try them out in Colorado’s famous inclement weather.

With an average of 53 inches of snow a year, Denver is one of America’s snowiest cities – thank heaven it’s not all at once and doesn’t usually last long.

So you’ve got two days left to get down to the Colorado Convention Center and see the wonders of the modern automotive world all in one place.

The Denver Auto Show is open March 23 from 10 am to 10 pm and March 24 from 10 am to 6 pm.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids 6 to 12 and free to those under that age.

So don’t worry about the weather – you can hop on Light Rail and be right there or drive and remind yourself why you don’t want to be in your current car next winter – or maybe this coming summer, for that matter.


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