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Jaguar’s 2014 F-Type named Playboy’s Car of the Year

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Sweet dreams are made of these, Who am I to disagree?
(from the Eurhythmics)

We were quite impressed with the 2014 F-Type S convertible when we drove one last fall, but Playboy gets a few more readers methinks. Anyway, there is no denying they know a thing or two about “hot bods” and the F-Type roadster is the ultimate embodiment of the Jaguar mystique.

The F-Type Coupe has also recently been released and that certainly helped to gain the attention of A.J. Baime, Playboy’s editor at large.

"This is the Jaguar we've been waiting for - a beautiful car, a brilliantly-performing machine, nuanced and yet very true to Jaguar’s DNA," said A.J. Baime. "In our many miles of testing on road and track, we had difficulty finding flaws. That's why it's our 2014 Car of the Year."

In a print publication we personally described the F-Type’s performance by stating: “The way the F-Type performs will have you searching for roads that put it through its paces, thus experiencing the sheer joy of driving a roadster this responsive through roller coaster terrain and the tightest curves around.

Last fall Dan Neil, writing in the Wall Street Journal, essentially stated if you have $100K to spend on a sports car this is the one to buy. That’s a pretty strong statement from a well-respected automotive pundit.

Jaguar went back to its roots to create the F-TYPE from scratch, true to the heritage built on two-seat, sports cars focused on driving performance, finesse, agility and sheer power. Both Convertible and Coupe have a choice of a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine in 340hp and 380hp outputs or a 495hp 5.0-liter supercharged V8.

Models of the F-TYPE Coupe are either available at Sill-Terhar Motors in Broomfieldor will be soon. Like the F-Type Convertible the coupes will also be available in S and R trims. List prices start at $69,000 for the Convertible and $65,000 for the Coupe.

A tip of the RMAP cap to Sill-Terhar Motors for their generous forbearance in providing a brief loan of a genuine dream car.