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Jaguar or Sonata?

There is a message behind this one
Photo by Angela Weiss

Seeing those flashing lights behind me always put me into a tizzy from days long ago when I had one violation after another during a time I was not proud. My daughter and I pull over after seeing a movie that night and I am ticketed for an expired registration. I become so frazzled at the request of an insurance card, that all I could deliver was an expired one. So I got a ticket for both and had to attend court for stupid mistakes that should have been resolved prior to my meeting with Mr. Police.

A month later, I took a seat in the court room, the day before a holiday weekend. It was 8:30 and filled to maximum seating. As a new writer for a new job, I had to be to work by ten and kept cursing myself for being negligent. Telling God that I wasn't happy, I had paid more than my share in the court system, and now followed a spiritual path. Something so little but still costly to me, wishing that I could just have some small break. Line after line preceded in front of the judge, my name being in the last call group.

"Do you have insurance," the judge asked and I quietly handed my card to the prosecutor.

"Yes, your honor, she was insured at the time," the prosecutor said.

"Do you have registration," the judged asked and I handed my registration to the prosecutor.

"She purchased it within two weeks of the ticket," the prosecutor said quietly.

"But wait a you drive a Jaguar?" the prosecutor asked, looking confused.

And I laughed, saying I wish and it was a mistake on the ticket. Though the officer had the right information as far as license number, he had renamed my 2008 Sonata for a Jaguar.

The judge laughed too, eyed the prosecutor and announced that both tickets would be thrown out.

When I profusely thanked, the judge...he said don't thank me and pointed to the prosecutor.

As I was about to attack the prosecutor with a huge hug, she smiled and said, "Enjoy your holiday weekend driving your Jaguar."

I ran out of the courtroom calling the world to tell them my good news and thanking above for another miracle. A few days prior, I was feeling sorry for myself that I had not attained the financial wealth, as yet, that I needed to support a future retirement. That I needed to look into new options for building up that savings and the same old story we all fret over from time to time.

Had I really been driving a Jaguar chances are slim that I would have walked away without my credit card being swiped.

Maybe there was something to be said about driving an old Sonata for now. Maybe there was something to be said about having a little faith in day to day opportunity that we never know may show up to give us that special boost.

Maybe I don't want a Jaguar after all.

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