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JAEG is all about real opportunities

Politicians do not create jobs, businessmen create jobs. What politicians more typically do is get in the way of job creation with increasingly onerous regulations and accelerating taxation. But every once in a rare while a uniquely qualified business leader seizes upon a rare opportunity created at least in part by a even more rare wise governmental move.

The rare opportunity today flows in part from The JOBS Act of 2012 and has been further aided by a few critical changes with Securities and Exchange Commission Regulations. Our nation is still greatly in need of further job creation and these legislative and regulatory moves actually do help make that happen but not without some serious entrepreneurial action.

One of the most intriguing developments to flow from the confluence of events is the creation of the “Jobs Act Equity Group” [JAEG] by Austin, Texas based securities attorney W. Andrew Stack, Esquire. Taking his many years of experience with securities law and regulation coupled with their practical application in the world of emerging companies and combined with the current needs and changes and he has produced one of the most exciting new business tools of the century.

Investors are brought on board with very modest individual investments which are combined to finance the launch of new businesses that meets very strict guidelines designed to maximize success. But one key element every new company needs to participate in the JAEG program is a commitment to create a minimum of five new jobs for each new enterprise. Now it would be very easy to opine that five jobs aren’t very many. Well that is true, but Stack and his team are committed to create scores of new businesses and therefore hundreds of new jobs which is a far better result than most so called “jobs” programs. In fact it is the best of all worlds. JAEG indeed does create jobs and in so doing also contributes to American business growth. I’d say that is a classic win win. This is something you need to check out. The JAEG website, while still in development is a good place to begin.

Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin

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