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Jadeveon Clowney reveals sports hernia injury happened during season

Clowney should be ready for start of training camp
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The 2014 NFL season is rapidly approaching and it seems that we still can’t be done with the Jadeveon Clowney saga at South Carolina. During the NFL Rookie Symposium on Thursday, Clowney revealed to that he played with a sports hernia injury in 2013.

According to, agent Bus Cook stated that Clowney originally thought he was fighting through a groin injury. Injuries that are misdiagnosed are hardly something new in the world of sports.

Earlier this year, Marcellus Wiley released a story about a supposed groin injury during his NFL days. Throughout the year, the team doctor kept him on the field, while injecting Wiley with shots, so he could perform on Sundays. Instead of having a groin injury, it turned out that Wiley had sustained a torn abdominal wall. Marcellus Wiley never learned of this injury until he saw a specialist that was not affiliated with his NFL team.

There’s no telling when Jadeveon Clowney sustained this injury, but it’s entirely possible that he played the majority of the season with a sports hernia. That in itself goes against all the talk about Clowney not being a team player. However, it will never change of opinions of people who dislike Jadeveon.

Apparently, Clowney was ready to shut it down for his pro day, yet he decided to give it a shot. After wowing all of the scouts, coaches and GM’s, Houston was pretty much secure in their No.1 choice.

After being selected No.1 overall, Clowney had to undergo surgery, which has caused him to miss OTA’s and a three day mini-camp. Even with the surgery Houston expects Clowney to be ready in time for training camp.

According to, Clowney initially stated that the injury happened after the draft. Either way you look at it, it was smart for Clowney to conceal the injury if he was hurt. The chances of him going No.1 would have greatly diminished with a known injury.

As we just saw with Joel Embiid, and the NBA draft, the slightest flaw and nick can drop your stature as a prospect. While Embiid is expected to miss some time on a young team in Philadelphia, Clowney is looked upon as a savior in 2014 for the Houston Texans.

Houston wants and needs Jadeveon Clowney to start from day one. Houston believes if he is right mentally and physically, there’s no way opponents will be able to contain the defensive line with J.J. Watt roaming the other side.

Maybe, just maybe, Clowney isn’t “lazy and spoiled.’ He could be the next dominant defensive lineman in this era.


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