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Jade Dynasty: Spring Update Interview

Perfect World Entertainment's Jade Dynasty will be seeing a major "Spring Update" hit its servers soon. The update adds a new Chroma Skill system, new Vitalic quests, and the server-progression based Dragon Mountain, in addition to new quests and gear. We spoke with Jade Dynasty's Product Manager, Dean Sakurai, to get more details about the content coming in the patch.

Screenshots from Jade Dynasty's Spring Update content.
Screenshots from Jade Dynasty's Spring Update content.
Perfect World Entertainment
Jade Dynasty
Perfect World Entertainment

Examiner: Is there an overall theme for the spring update?

Dean Sakurai: This update is primarily focused on giving veteran, Ascended players expanded gameplay options by way of new zone maps, quests and an entirely new set of advanced skills – Chroma.

What is the design inspiration for the new Chroma skills and Vigor system?

The idea behind the Chroma and Vigor system was really to create a new system that would complement the existing skill system and Spirit as well as expand the range of abilities that Ascended players can tap into to make them stand apart from the pack. Once players unlock the Chroma skill system, they will automatically unlock the Vigor resource that will deplete as Chroma skills are used and replenish over time.

How will players be able to obtain Vigor?

Vigor will restore over time, however if players don’t want to wait, they will be able to use certain items.

How difficult will the new Vitalic quests be?

For Ascended players level 120 and above, the Vitalic quests should not be that difficult and are aimed more at allowing them to unlock a whole new skill set that can be upgraded through Chroma beads. The Vitalic chain quests will require players to face 3 bosses of varying degrees of difficulty.

How is Dragon Mountain different from other instances?

Dragon Mountain is actually a full blown map versus an instance, however is unique in the fact that it will unlock through server progression. There are four gates including three Dragon gates and one Empyrean Gate, which will unlock as players turn in daily quest items. The chance of unlocking increases as more players attempt it and once unlocked, the new area will be available for the entire server. The fourth and final Empyrean Gate will unlock an entirely new map called Elysium.

Any hints as to what benefits unlocking Elysium will grant players?

Unlocking Elysium will not only give players an entirely new map to explore but will open up a whole host of new PvP-centric gameplay options.

Want to know more? Check out the screenshots and developer diary previewing the content update to the left, or visit Jade Dynasty's website.

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