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Jada Pinkett Smith cleared by Child Protective Services after scandal

Actress Willow Smith shocked the world when a picture came out of her with a 20-year-old in bed. This photo was with "Hannah Montana" star, Moises Arias. It was just a simple modeling type shot and not something sexual at all. Things got so bad that her parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith had to deal with an investigation by Child Protective Services. On Tuesday, Huffington Post shared the news that they have now been cleared of these charges.

Jada Pinkett Sith
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

The investigation was done but sources say that they did not find any evidence to be concerned. Willow Smith was not in any kind of danger which is the reason they were doing the investigation. There is nothing to worry about and her parents are doing just fine raising her.

Her parents were told to simply watch their children on social media better in the future. Will and Jada are not the only people who need to do that honestly. Everyone should really keep a close watch on their children on their social media networks. Luckily for this couple they are not in any trouble at this time.

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