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Jacquelyn Cannon presents women’s U-Get Fit 2 Fight talk on

Jacquelyn Cannon, owner of U-Get Fit 2 Fight, was the special guest on the Partners in Health radio show May 19, 2013.
Photo Courtesy Rudy B Photography

It was an informative and motivational interview this Sunday, May 19, on, as Jacquelyn Cannon, President and C.E.O. of U-Get Fit 2 Fight LLC spoke to listeners about women’s personal safety.

“Over 12 percent of young children, young girls especially, are victims of rape or some type of sexual molestation before the age of 10,” Cannon explained. “And as a result of having experienced something similar, I just grew up with a bad image of myself and feeling helpless and hopeless.”

After years of therapy, Cannon, a certified Elite Personal Safety Instructor, has risen above the obstacles of being personally abused as a child.

Cannon’s women’s personal safety mission began about nine years ago after her daughter joined the Full Circle Martial Arts Academy (the traditional Kung Fu program) in Capital Heights, MD. A few years later, the Academy’s Street Combat program formed and Cannon joined.

“It’s been an awesome way to help me develop the skills and confidence to know that when I step out into the streets, I have the necessary skills to protect myself, and that my daughter has the necessary skills to protect herself as well,” she said.

U-Get Fit 2 Fight is the umbrella for Cannon's entire brand of products and services.

“And to me the U-Get Fit 2 Fight brand kind of embodies and encompasses the very empowerment feeling that I want women and those who choose to get involved, to have,” she continued. “I want them (women) to take it personally. I want them to feel this is their responsibility, number one; to get fit.”

For Cannon, getting fit means that a woman is able to throw an elbow or a kick and is able to run if necessary, to avoid being captured by a predator.

“The Women’s Personal Safety Movement is about a groundswell of individuals and businesses, and the whole community getting involved, now, to help raise the awareness of violence against women,” said Cannon.

Her trained team of certified women’s personal safety instructors is currently serving various neighborhoods as ambassadors, to deliver their message.

The Women’s Personal Safety Network is a free, online community that provides resources, tips and information about personal, home, vehicle, travel, teen, children’s safety and events to help the community stay informed.

For details, listen to the Partners in Health radio show and visit the U-Get Fit 2 Fight website.


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