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Jacq's Organics - For The Natural Beauty Goddess

Jacq's Organics
Jacq's Organics
Jacq's Organics

Last month while I was vacationing in Florida I had the opportunity to check out a skincare line I hadn't heard of called Jacq's Organics.

I received:

I absolutely love this company. Their mission is spot on, their look is spot on, and they are gentle yet super effective! See all the other love letters they receive from customers.

The soap bar is a great gentle against my skin. It was able to pull off all my makeup but without over-drying my skin. And it was great to travel with -- no 3oz liquid issues here!

The body oil was incredible! Since I was testing it in Florida with the hot sun, I made sure not to put it on during the day or else I felt I would fry like a chicken. But at night -- nothing soothed my skin better. Little patches of burn felt better in the am -- more moisturized and on the road to healing. Ladies -- trust me! Your skin loves oil -- you won't break out you will just have less wrinkles!


The Shea cream as well was wonderful. I was nervous about it going on a little gritty, but it smoothed right out and melted with my skin temp. This was great for us during the day and night. I could feel it melting right into my skin -- deep down to all the layers that needed some moisturizing love. No rough knees and elbows here. I even put it on my feet and it did the trick on my rough calves.

I couldn't have been more happy with this line. I will definitely be a customer for year's to come - and that's saying a lot! For more information, visit