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Jacob Wheeler five-pound victory over Van Dam Bassfest Sunday Lake Chickamauga

Jacob Wheeler five-pound lead victory over Van Dam Bassfest Sunday Lake Chickamauga
Jacob Wheeler five-pound lead victory over Van Dam Bassfest Sunday Lake Chickamauga
Chris Mitchell,

Bassfest, half fishing expo, half fishing tournament, full head on fishing palooza for fishing enthusiasts. Bassfest contained everything a angler would love. The pro bass fishing tournament for a piece of the $875,000 and berth into the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, 140 bass fishermen (107 Bassmaster Elite Series and and 33 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open Series).

Jacob Wheeler five-pound victory over Van Dam Bassfest Sunday Lake Chickamauga

Clash of the Titans

Bassfest Day 3

Jacob Wheeler dominated the last days on Chickamauga with great strategy on 6-inch Basstrix swimbait Tennessee shad color rigged on a ¾-ounce VMC Ike Approved swimbait head, Rappala DT20hair jig in disco shad and a homemade hair jig, worm and crankbait. “Without my dad taking me fishing I wouldn’t be here.” Wheeler won the $125,000on 22-1 90-6.

BASS tournament and love of fishing, fishing shopping, and fishing seminars, boating and more reasons to love bass angling

Lake Nickajack wild card

Kevin Van Dam, Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year seven times, Bassmaster Classic four times and winner of Bassmaster Eliete Series some twenty times, didn’t have a limit on Saturday but still managed to bring it home in second place with 23-8 at 84-12 and $60,000. Kevin stands in 23th place for AOY.

Matthew Herren, on a Lake Chickamuaga dock pattern Sunday, fished 83-15 and $35,000 and third place.

Bassfest fourth place went to Gerald Swindle 74-10 and his second consecutive Elite Series Top 5 Finish. Gerald stands in sixth place right now for AOY.

The fifth place seat was taken by Bassmaster pro Brett Hite, if you remember he won the very first Elite Series Tournament of the 2014 season on Seminole, 71-7. Brett is in 26th place for AOY.

Greg “Hack Attack” Hackney, for sixth place and 70-12 received $18,000 and $750 for A.R.E Toyota Truck Caps Top Angler Award. Greg also stands in second place right now for AOY.

Lake Chickamuga Day 2

7th Place-Casey Ashley $17, 000 for 69-15. 12th place AOY.

8th- Terry Scroggins 69-7 for $16,000. 38th place AOY.

9th-Luke Claussen 68-1 and $15,000. 68th place AOY.

10th-Russ Lane 66-13, $14,000. 40th place AOY.

11th-Jason Williamson 64-14, $13,000. 68th place AOY.

12th-Hank Cherry 61-10 and $12,000. 45th place AOY.

$11,000 in wins

Bassfest on Lake Chickamauga Day 1

13th-Fred Roumbanis, 14- Randall Tharp, 15-CLiff Pirch, 16-Davy Hite, 17 Tracy Adams, 18-Stephen Mui, 19-Takahiro Omori, 20-Brandon Card, 21-James Niggemeyer, 22-Boyd Duckett, 23-John Crews, 24-Nate Wellman, 25-Jason Christie, 26-Andy Montgomery, 27-Bill Lowen, 28-John Lucas, 29-Mike Kernan, 30-Tommy Biffle, 31-Jacob Powroznik, 32-Britt Myers, 33-Kelly Jordon, 34-Brock Mosley, 35-Skeet Reese, 36-Gary Klein, 37-Micheal Murphy, 38-Edwin Evers, 39-Rick Clunn, 40-Jeff Kreit, 41-Alton Jones, 42-Micheal Ianconelli, 43-Jared Knuth, 44-David Smith, 45-David Leferbre, 46-Brian Snowden, 47-Marty Robinson, 48-Mike McClelland, 49-Glenn Browne, 50-Stephen Kennedy.

Coming up,

  • Bassmaster High School Open on Douglas Lake, Tennessee June 20-21, 2014.
  • 2014 Carhartt College B.A.S.S. Wild Card on Lake Pickwick, Alabama June 27-28, 2014.
  • Bassmaster Elite Series on Delaware River, Pennsylvania, August 7-10, 2014.

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