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Jacob Wheeler feast of the presentation the Forrest Wood Cup

Consistency Principle “You fish consistently and catch them all year long just to be able to fish The Cup. I was a little star struck going out there. But it’s about going out there and competing to win this thing. You have to get focused, not winning the top twenty or even being the top ten,” Jacob Wheeler talks about wrapping his head around the Forrest Wood Cup on CupChat. “Being able to fish for a living, it’s dream. Winning The Cup twice? I want it so much more.”

Jacob Wheeler feast of the presentation the Forrest Wood Cup

The fishing warrior It’s when someone is fully committed to a sporting way of life and a passion, and doing what it takes to make it manifest. To be willing to push their body and mind to the maximum consistently. To do the sport with no regrets. Fearlessness and an open door policy to impermanence, anything can change on the field at any given minute. Setting your intention and your goals, the wider your focus, aimlessly without goal or direction, the less likely you will hit your target.

Focus on each fish, not the life and the glamour and the prestige and the fans. Focus on fishing and each company you are working for. This season has been more consistent than any other season I’ve had, When I first started out my head was all over the place. There was so much to take in and get adjusted to. The key to staying focused is fishing consistently.”

Every year you look back on your decisions “Every year you grow. As long as I see myself growing every year as an angler and getting better then I know I’m doing something right. When I was fishing in high school I didn’t worry about having a good time with my buddy’s I wanted to go and focus on my fishing.”

Paying your dues “I dropped everything and fished all the time. I wanted the opportunity to start fishing professionally. That means that some things have to fall to the wayside because I loved fishing. I think about it every single day. I think about winning The Cup every single day. Putting the time in prior to that event is going to be the key.” This is the fourth Forrest Wood Cup Jacob Wheeler has fished in.

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