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Jacksonville visually impaired youth raise awareness for blindness at RAM

Riverside Arts Market VisionWalk Fundraiser-slide0
Adriann Keve

More than 30 volunteers joined forces at the Riverside Arts Market Saturday to raise funds and awareness for blindness and the Jacksonville VisionWalk.

Several middle and high school students from the Independent Living for Adult Blind (ILAB) Transition Services program manned a booth that handed out information about the upcoming Jacksonville VisionWalk. The kids also facilitated smell tests that required a person to rely on sense of smell to identify certain scents and touch challenges that required a blindfolded person to find safety pins hidden in a bowl of rice. In addition, the students handed out fortune cookies with Braille fortunes hidden inside. The students accepted donations and raised a total of $62, which will be donated to the Jacksonville VisionWalk's Team Brendon, orientation and mobility specialist Amy Johnson said Monday.

The ILAB Transition Services program is designed to enhance core competencies for middle and high school students with blindness and visual impairments, according to the organization's website.

VisionWalk is the national signature fundraising event for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Since its inception in 2006, tens of thousands have participated in events across the country to raise more than $30 million for blindness research, according to the VisionWalk website.

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