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Jacksonville's P.K. Noodles has tasty Vietnamese food at great prices

P.K. Noodles has more than just Pho!
P.K. Noodles has more than just Pho!
Sam Lento

Vietnamese food has started to get some well deserved attention here in Jacksonville.  Though there are not many Vietnamese restaurants here in town, the ones we do have are pretty good and each subtly different.  With the name P.K. Noodles (Pho King) you would assume this Vietnamese restaurant was just a Noodle Soup house, but the menu is full of other wonderful and exotic Vietnamese treats that must be tried.  Jacksonville's Cheap Eats Examiner featured them here for their great prices and good food, and Jacksonville's Weight Loss Examiner featured them here as one of Jacksonville's Top 5 Healthy eating options.  

While P.K. Noodles' Pho is good, it is definitely not the only thing P.K. Noodles is doing well.  The Pork and Shrimp Spring Rolls ($4) and the delightfully crunchy Whole Shrimp Egg Rolls ($5) are excellent, both coming with perfectly paired dipping sauces.  P.K. Noodles also has excellent Bun offerings.  The selections are around $7 and you can choose Grilled Shrimp, Grilled Pork, Well Done Beef, or Egg Rolls to accompany your rice noodles - overall very tasty!  A last recommendation is the Bánh mì.  These very basic and scrumptious sandwiches are made with fresh bread, raw onions, sliced cucumbers, cilantro, and your choice of Grilled Pork ($4), Grilled Shrimp ($4), Shredded Pork Skin ($3), or the most classic combination of Ham, Pâté, Steamed Pork, and Headcheese ($3).  

The restaurant itself is a very fun, colorful place and comes off as less pretentious than some of the other Vietnamese establishments in Jacksonville.  The service is also excellent, with the wait staff being both helpful and friendly.  P.K. Noodles is a great option for lunch or dinner and the food comes out piping hot and very quick.  They are located near the Beach Boulevard Florida State College of Jacksonville Campus at: 

11925 Beach Boulevard #204
Jacksonville, FL 32246
(904) 646-0707

Happy Eating!


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