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Jacksonville man arrested for allegedly setting mother's dog on fire

Quarterman's mother called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office suspecting her son set the dog on fire.
Jacksonville Sheriff's Department

Devron Quarterman, 21, of the 5100 block of 110th Street in Jacksonville, was arrested on Sunday afternoon and charged with allegedly setting the family dog on fire reported the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Quarterman's mother called authorities and stated she had been inside of the house cooking dinner when she heard her dog crying. When the woman went outside, she saw the tethered dog rolling around in the dirt in the front yard. As she grabbed the dog who smelled like gasoline, the dog's fur fell off.

Deputies found a gasoline container in the front yard and a lighter in Quarterman's pocket.

Quarterman has been charged with animal cruelty and is currently in jail.

More than 100 comments on the sheriff's office Facebook express the outrage of readers. Animal advocate MaryEllen Kastelic stated the sentiments of many:

"No words . . . we HAVE to find a way to change the laws so that any animal abuse comes with higher penalties. At the bear minimum, people who do these unspeakable things to animals should NEVER be able to have one again. We have to send a message that animal abuse will not be tolerated. These are living, breathing, feeling souls who are like "forever babies" who count on us and trust us to take care of them. What kind of monster does this?..."

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