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Jackson's sudden death is a reminder to find happiness in everything you do



The sudden death of music icon Michael Jackson only reiterates what everyone already knows – life is short, enjoy every moment.

Find something you enjoy doing everyday. If you have a secret passion for learning how to become a gourmet cook or want to travel to different countries, find a way to make it happen; even if you can only do it part-time or as a hobby.

Take the good with the bad. Gloria Naylor, author of The Women of Brewster’s Place said it best, “I don’t believe life is supposed to make you feel good, or make you feel miserable either. Life is just supposed to make you feel.” Every day isn’t going to be a good day, that’s life. But if you need help in dealing with a serious issue, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Lend a helping hand. Do something nice for someone. It doesn’t have to be a large, life-altering gesture. It could even be as small as opening a door or letting someone change lanes in front of you on the freeway. If you see a need, act on it. Helping others can bring a sense of joy and happiness like none other. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but the person you’re helping will appreciate it too.

Dance, dance and dance some more. Though it may sound childish and a little bit goofy, turn on your favorite music and sing and dance like you used to when you were younger. Your kids might think you’re crazy and your spouse or partner might laugh at you, but it will help you release some energy. And, in the end, everyone will have had a good time.

Live in the moment. Stop worry about or fighting over insignificant matters. Doing so only wastes time and energy. Wake up with the goal of doing the best you can each day, and go to sleep knowing you tried.

Remember, life is what you make it. If you need a little nudge toward living your best life, read It's all in your head: Tap into the power of your mind if you want to find happiness tips on how you harness positive power to achieve your goals.


  • Jennifer Thornton 5 years ago

    This is so true. I am so inspired. Thanks.

  • Mary V 5 years ago

    Thank you Erika for writing about what is truly important to our total health. Doing those things will not only help you live a longer, joyful, blessed life but it gives back to others which is the key to our purpose here.
    Keep up your awesome inspiring thoughts!!!

  • Carol Reltherford 5 years ago

    Good article. Enlightening. Great tips and sound advice. I agree with Mary V. Finding happiness in everything you do contributes to your overall health and well being.