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Jackson Police say pit bull was shot and killed because it 'lunged at them'

A Mississippi family is upset over the shooting death of their pit bull on August 14, WLBT News reported. Jackson Police Department says the dog was shot because it lunged at them.

Owner says dog dragged from under a tree and shot

A woman only identified as Jackie spoke with WLBT News after police came to her West Silas Brown Street home in Jackson around 11 a.m. Thursday morning. According to Jackie, animal control came and dragged her son's small female pit bull from under a tree.

"They killed the dog for no reason. She was nothing but a pet. My baby got the dog for his birthday. And it's killed. Then they don't know why. Police, don't trust the police, that's why. How can we trust them? They shoot before they ask any questions. And that ain't right."

Police stormed the home with guns drawn as they executed a warrant to search the house, a storage unit and a red pickup truck.

Jackie's estranged husband, Eddie Jones, along with his girlfriend Kim Stewart were taken into custody. One was charged with possession of marijuana, and the other had an outstanding warrant.

A more recent report by WLBT says a member of their news team spoke with the Jackson Police Department, and were told the dog lunged at officers when they came onto the property.

It's unclear whether officers asked anyone at the residence to secure their dog. Since police normally draw their weapon on any dog they're afraid of, we have only their word the dog presented a danger to the officers.

Contact information on government officials in Jackson can be found on their website.

Rest in peace, dear dog. Maybe you did lunge at these officers. Then again, perhaps you were taking a nap under your favorite tree and officers decided to kill you simply because you were a pit bull.

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