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Jackson poet, Poet Williams

Poet Williams
Poet Williams
Poet Williams

Poet Williams is no stranger to the Jackson poetry scene. His poetic eye for imagery and ear for intricate rhyme has made him a favorite among the ladies. The fellows (only a tad bit jealous) refer to him as Tantilizing T. Its his smooth delivery that make his words just that. They are indeed so inviting. Though his work covers a wide range of subjects, he is most known for his emotion evoking love poems. All of his supporters are highly anticipating his first book which is scheduled for a Fall 2012 release.

Poet Williams often performs at the open mic held at Suite 106 on Wilmington Road every 1st and 3rd Saturday. So come on out and check him out for yourself.

I only knew you when...(Untitled)

I only knew you when you were this little

the size of thought I hadn’t imagined yet

speaking to you through walls of flesh

and envisioning your smile in the spring sunset

marveling all the while

at the fact that I gave you that smile

but I can only find you in the night

not yet full of faith and might

that you should come into my reality

still I long to hold you for the first time

hear you take your first breath

and my desire to see you so may force me to my last

I gasp for air at the hope of catching your scent

the rose like presence you left lingering in my thoughts

and brought to life only in dreams

your angelic like visitation

giving me some sub conscious confirmation

that somewhere

some one loves me very much

and just such love will bring you into existence

you found me in sweet slumber

and gave me a hope that is consistent

with patience and kindness

and a love that is without fear

so even though you are not yet here

I am not afraid of losing you

because the day you become tangible

I promise I will always find you

By: Poet Williams

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