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Jackson poet, Jonathon Anu

Jonathan Anu
Jonathan Anu
J. Anu

Mississippi has birthed some of the  world's greatest writers such as Margret Walker Alexander, Richard Writght, and Al Young. Fortunately for us all, it is still producing writer's that intend to share their works and legacy with the world. Check out our feature artist, Jonathon Anu, founder of Anu Kreations.

How long have you been writing?
I have been writing poetry for over 14 years now.

Why do you write?
I write to inspire the masses. In my poetry, I express my experiences and the experiences of those in my community to identify the social issues and encourage perseverance. I use my thoughts and expressions to be the voice for the oppressed, the hopeless, and the underdog. Tupac Shakur is one of my greatest influences.

What are some of your poetic aspirations?
My goal is to publish a poetry book in the near future.

How can we keep in touch with you?

Be sure to check out my blog: , visit my website and of course I'm on facebook!

Will She Ever Forgive Me? By: Jonathon Anu
I wonder will she ever 4give me,
Because her heart is as cold as stone,
So I left an apology at the door of her soul,
And found out her soul was gone.

I must admit I was wrong,
2 be gone;
When she needed me the most,
She just wanted 2 be a number in my life line,
But all I wanted was 2 be ghost,
Let no one close,
And eventually fade away 2 the serenity of nowhere,
The care,
That I once manifest spoiled in the belly of my heart,
Due 2 a bite that bleed venom from a sexy snake,
But no matter what it takes,
I vow 2 save her from the artic chill in her chest,
My thoughts weave through my mind and lay empty nests,
Just 2 wonder…

… will she ever 4give me

For more of Jonathon's poetry please add him on Facebook. If you are interested in being featured please email with Examiner as the subject. Be sure to check back to  see your favorite Jackson poet featured here!

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