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Jackie Chan’s son arrested in Beijing for use of marijuana, possible execution

If Jaycee Chan is found guilty of drug dealing he might face execution under Chinese law
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

The BBC reported today that Beijing police have arrested and detained well-known Hong Kong kungfu movie star Jackie Chan’s 31-year-old son, Jaycee Chan, for possession and use of marijuana. According to Chinese police more than 100 grams of weed were confiscated from Jaycee’s home, and he may be facing criminal charges, possibly execution.

Like father like son, Jaycee is also an actor, and is best known for his roles in “Mulan," and “2 Young.” If the investigation finds he had been dealing drugs he could face execution. China has rules so strict they have executed former convicted drug dealers. According to China’s drug policies the country has zero tolerance for any drug offense.

In 2009, China executed British women, Akmal Shaikh, after she was found guilty for smuggling in heroin. If you think United States citizens’ drug charges are unjust in America, maybe those thoughts might be reconsidered knowing countries like: China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia enforce inhumane punishments, sometimes death to convicted drug users and dealers.

As for Jackie Chan’s son being held for drug charges in China, he isn’t alone. Unfortunately, a co-actor, and possibly two assistants that are known to hang out with Jaycee were also arrested. The Daily Beast reports, that the “government anti-drug advisor said celebrities were being targeted by the Chinese government,” because they hold so much influence over a large number of fans. Chinese media refers to celebrities who illicit drug use, even marijuana use in China is greatly frowned upon because it damages their society.

So far, reports indicate Jaycee may face up to three years in prison if convicted for possession and use. The Chinese police are so paranoid and amped to seek all avenues of possible drug users and dealers they even targeted management agencies because they believe Chinese celebrities have ignited the use of drugs. The BBC news, said his father has not made a public comment on the current arrest, and he is currently traveling to Beijing to support his son, Jaycee Chan, who has been detained for the possession and use of pot. If his son is convicted of drug dealing there is a possibility he could be executed. Let’s hope not.

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