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Jackie Chan is furious over his son's drug arrest in China

Jackie Chan has been confronted with a heartbreaking situation. His 32 year old son Jaycee Chan has been arrested in Beijing, China in a drug bust. Chan says he is extremely furious about this incident reported CNN on Aug. 21, 2014. Chinese state media said the junior Chan was arrested by police during a raid on Aug. 14 in Dongcheng district, Beijing.

Jaycee Chan on a date
Photo by MN Chan/Getty Images

The junior Chan is originally from Hong Kong and is an actor like his father. Kai Ko, a 23-year-old Taiwanese actor, was also arrested during the drug raid. Both of the men tested positive for marijuana. These two actors are said to be targets of Beijing's most recent anti-drugs campaign.

Chan shared his intense feelings about his son's arrest on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo. Chan wrote that he felt "extremely furious" and "extremely shocked" when he heard the news of his son's drug bust. He also wrote that his son's mother was heartbroken over the incident. It is Chan's hope that other young people will learn a lesson from this arrest and stay away from

Police discovered more than 100 grams of marijuana in junior Chan's apartment at the time of his arrest. The state-run China Daily wrote it has also been alleged that he was hosting other people to take drugs. Under Chinese law junior Chan could face three years in jail. He made a tearful apology to his supporters during his arrest.

Chan has blamed himself for his son's drug bust according to The Hollywood Reporter. Chan has publicly expressed his deep shame at the arrest of his son on drug associated charges. He blames himself for not raising his son the right way. Chan wants to share the responsibility for this tragic mishap with his son.

Chan has expressed apologies from his son and himself to society and members of the public. This is all really rough for Chan who is an official anti-drug ambassador for the Chinese government. Chan and his son will now have to live with the tensions of waiting to see what the disposition of a Chinese court is on this matter where there appears to be little tolerance for such crimes.

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