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Jackie Chan Enlists Adrien Brody and John Cusack for 'Dragon Blade'

Jackie Chan isn't slowing down with three projects on the way.

Jackie Chan may have teased the idea of retiring some time ago but what he really meant was that he wouldn't be jumping off of buildings anymore. He's still making movies and right now he's on something of a nostalgia kick. He's already got Seann William Scott and Renny Harlin on board for the action-buddy flick Skiptrace, and recently we learned Chan would also be starring in historical epic, Dragon Blade. Mel Gibson had been rumored for a role in the film and while that doesn't seem to be happening, two other big names have come aboard.

According to THR, who spoke to Chan at the Shanghai Film Festival, Adrien Brody and John Cusack have joined the Dragon Blade cast. The period drama is directed by Daniel Wu and is one of China's most expensive productions ever at $65M, and the goal is clearly to try and match the scale of 2008's amazing Red Cliff. The film is inspired partly by a missing legion of Roman soldiers in 48 B.C. that traveled into China. Cusack will play "Lucius, a Roman general who led a legion of 1,000 soldiers into Han Dynasty China." Brody is "Tiberius, who assassinated Rome's Consul Crassus and chased after Lucius with a force of 100,000 soldiers. Chan is military leader Huo An, who teams up with Lucius to protect China's borders and sovereignty.

Dragon Blade is expected to open next year on February 19th.

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