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Jack Young has a campaign sign on Linden Liquors

When I ran by Linden Liquors the other day, I could not help but notice the large Jack Young campaign sign on the front of the building. The notorious liquor store at the corner of North Avenue and Linden Avenue in Reservoir Hill is considered a nuisance by quite a few people in the area. You can see some of them protesting the store's reopening in a video at this link.

The City Council President's name on this establishment gives it legitimacy. The store and corner have a lot of traffic that go by them, but is this kind of name recognition really worth it? Obviously someone in the Young campaign thinks it's perfectly normal to place the City Council President's name on a notorious liquor store. The store has made some improvements over the last few years, but I do not think it deserves this kind of implied approval from a sitting city council president.

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