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Jack Wagner delivers reform proposal for infrastructure

April 8, at the South Street Bridge in Philadelphia Auditor General Jack Wagner, Democratic candidate for Governor, held a press conference to unveil his reform proposal for infrastructure.

Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State Wagner said. It originally earned that nickname due to its central location among the 13 colonies. Today, as the sixth most populous state and hub for industry and agriculture the Commonwealth remains a vital connector between the northern and southern regions and eastern and western regions of the United States.

Unfortunately Pennsylvania's infrastructure is outdated and decaying. Pennsylvania is following behind other states. It is in critical  need of improvement through public investment. A 2006 Report Card by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the Commonwealth a cumulative D grade.

With Pennsylvania continuing to experience job losses the state government must focus on putting our citizens back to work Wagner said. The Commonwealth's infrastructure has fallen behind; however, that provides a magnificent opportunity to employe Pennsylvanians in rebuilding the Keystone State. Smart public investment in infrastructure can create tens of thousands of jobs. We must make sure we pick the right projects and use the available resources wisely Wagner explained.

Wagner's reform proposal for infrastructure contains items such as high speed rail, realistic solutions to road bottlenecks, reviving Pennsylvania airlines, bringing broadband service to all of Pennsylvania and ensuring fair portions of Marcellus Shale revenue go toward water treatment.

The details of Jack Wagner's reform proposal for infrastructure can be found at


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