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Jack in the Box again a C Street fixture

Fast food corner at C St and Eleventh Ave.
Fast food corner at C St and Eleventh Ave.
Adam Benjamin

Jumbo Jack and Sirloin Cheeseburger offers went on order at the counter inside the rebuilt Jack-in-the-Box builing at 1110 C Street. Shift workers took their 2014 positions serving customers and managing the crew at the new city code compliant building.

New Jack-in-the-Box building open on C St at 11th Ave.
Adam Benjamin

Drivers that drive the downtown rounds have a convenient location with a drive in window at the ege of downtown's busy traffic, just east of Eleventh Avenue, on the corner. Living without the long settled in downtown restaurant location during the construction months forced customers to turn to one of the other four 24 hour locations near the downtown streets, or stop in up the street at Burger King or Del Taco. Short order fans got their relief in January. The sit down tables in the building's dining area give walk ins a place to relax, drink a Coke, look out at San Diego's shopping and jobs center the cars keep going in a rush, maybe give up on the ordinary, and try a spicy Jalapeno BBQ Burger.

The hang out corner just up the street from the City College trolley station won't die down at night now that Jack is back. Burgertown makes money. And, it gives San Diegans a place to relax.

Drawing in a crowd does not get left to a street corner toss up at Jack-in-the-Box. The top advertiser in town shares deals with its regulars. Via electronic media. San Diegans who sign up online hear the deals they can take for the hard earned dollars and cents in a tasty Text that comes in on the mobile phone, or, in a Bacon infused email in an electronic message box.

The best burger joint business takes more than a top loction.

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