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Jack London Square special events mix boating with music, food, arts & crafts

Jack London Square hosts some lively events this season including a bluegrass festival at the Potomac and the opening of sailing season this weekend. Plus there’s a big festival on Friday evening, May 2 called Jack’s Night Market, a big bazaar with music, food and local artists. If you need a special gift or event for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation or anniversaries, this is a breezy, warm place to be with lots of choices of local restaurants.

Jack London Square, Strictly Sail Pacific boat show 2014 with boating and America's Cup journalist Mark Reid
Jack London Square, Strictly Sail Pacific boat show 2014 with boating and America's Cup journalist Mark Reid
Cindy Warner
Boating journalist Mark Reid visits 'Tug O My Heart' at the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show at Jack London Square, just one of many special events
Cindy Warner

As for recent festivities on the water, Jack London Square just hosted the hands-on Strictly Sail Pacific boat show and the Jack of All Trades hand-crafted original arts & crafts sale on Saturday, April 12, 2014. The boat show has been annual. The art sale happens every second Saturday afternoon. The shows are for every one of all ages and Jack of All Trades artists may apply for space from the website.

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Strictly Sail Pacific with events for everybody from Airhead to Yanmar

Jack London Square visitors at the Strictly Sail show enjoyed the picnic grounds and bottles of cold Corona with a lime wedge for $7.00 each. Spencer of San Leandro served up the cold ones with a smile. Nearby, children bounced on a trampoline rigging as parents took pictures. Visitors in sock feet toured the yachts for sale and imagined themselves in the sunny staterooms and glass-doored showers or in the galley making French Press Coffee. One 6’5” gentleman from Vessel Assist said he bought his last boat based on the height of the ceiling.

Yanmar displayed an actual foil from an ORACLE America’s Cup catamaran but did not say what stage of development it was from or what race.

Visitors could get boat show rates on ever day items like Gill gloves for trimmers with the thumb and forefinger bare.

Airhead demonstrated boat toilets.

Publications with their editors and writers on hand operated booths. Latitude 38 had an indoor booth with hats and t-shirts for sale.


It is after all Jack London Square.

Tanned and blond Ty the editor of “Yachting” magazine said he wanted to see power boats since he sails the Delta. “Front Rudder” writer and editor Mark Reid handed Ty an autograph of Jimmy Spithill.


Seminars included practical talks on sail trimming and checking rigging but also on sailing San Francisco Bay and cruising in the open ocean.

Mark Reid the boating and America’s Cup journalist and I attended the America’s Cup seminar by designer Gino Morrrelli and Chronicle journalist Kimball Livingston. The foiling multi-hull designer and the journalist discussed how the new design for the 35th Cup would affect yacht racing style and tactics. Livingston noted a new design of hull that will alleviate the speed cost normally associated with tacking. The racing style change would be that boats would turn toward each other and cross much more often and the racers would actually compete near each other rather than hugging opposite borders of the course.

Morrelli displayed an enormous trimaran at the dock for the show. It’s since been hoisted out of the water and transported to ORACLE headquarters in Redwood City. Gino Morrrelli who looks more like a strapping Scandinavian than an Italian, tall, blond and soft-spoken, noted at his seminar how a spectacular capsize in the ocean had been towed back to shore upside down in the water.

The monster boats will be a little shorter but the location of the 35th America’s Cup has yet to be determined. San Francisco appears to be by no means a top candidate for location. The pier where the 34th took place looks well on its way to becoming a cruise boat terminal as anyone on the Embarcadero can see from the sidewalk.

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