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Jack Lew...Hapless and Helpless

No answers
No answers

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News on Sunday, and he did himself no favors. Chris Wallace asked a series of questions, none of which, lew seemed to know the answer to. Lew had made the statement that should the republicans refuse to surrender, it would be catastrophic. Wallace countered with a question on how it would be so. Mr Wallace is still awaiting an answer.

Wallace suggested that President Obama and Lew were intentionally trying to spook Wall Street, thereby pressuring the Republicans to capitulate. Lew denied the charge, but refused to provide specific answers.

“The consequences are immediate and very bad. Fox News Sunday.” “The direction is bad. There is a range of how bad.”

During the interview, Lew said, “The president has been and continues to be open to negotiations.”

Just 5 days before President Obama in a speech said, “Let me repeat, I will not negotiate over Congress' responsibility to pay bills it has racked up.”

Wallace made the statement that the president needed to negotiate with the Republicans to get a deal done:

“Despite these stakes, the president is refusing to negotiate. What’s unprecedented is not Congress tying strings; what’s unprecedented is a president refusing to negotiate.”

Lew accused Wallace of not getting his facts straight. Wallace seemed to take umbrage at the accusation and assured Lew, that other presidents did indeed negotiate.

The conversation then turned to Obamacare and Wallace asked Lew how many people had managed to sign up. Wallace repeatly asked that question and Lew refused to answer it. No one in the administration is willing to answer the question.