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Jack Kornfield: making our hearts wise

Jack Kornfield's The Wise Heart  intertwines Buddhist principles and the teachings of psychology to help   us live happier and wiser lives.

How does someone make their heart wise? How does someone have a good heart? How does someone end up with an evil heart? Is there a way to make an evil heart a good one again? We have probably asked ourselves all of these questions in one form or another. Is there a definite, final answer to each of these questions?. No. I do not think we would want there to be either. Because, if there was, there would be no hope for learning whether or not our hearts were good or bad. we would be hopelessly stuck either way.

Unfortunately, that is how many people live. They think because they are supposedly good, they do not need to learn anything new. They "know everything" already. Then, there are those folks who messed up big time and who think that they are stuck being bad. They cannot be anything else. There has to be middle ground. There has to be hope. Whoever you are, there is always hope if you are willing to look for it, find it, and embrace it.

Jack Kornfield is not only the author of The Wise Heart, a guide to Buddhist teachings intertwined with the teachings of psychology. He is also a man who survived experiencing and watching abuse as a child. He also became a Buddhist monk in Thailand in order to try to find his way in life. He seems to have done that tremendously. However, he still seems humbled and always learning which is a good thing. He believes that Western Psychology can definitely benefit from the teachings of Buddhism. He believes that people need to get back to listening to themselves and how they are both thinking and feeling. The only way to do that is to quiet oneself through meditation and to practice compassion for oneself as well as for others. Mr. Kornfield provides many Buddhist principles as well as meditation exercises throughout his book in order to help people do this.

Jack Kornfield believes that by using these principles and exercises, we all will be able to calm ourselves, get to the root of our problems and/or failures, and be able to think and live anew in this often bustling world of noise and activity. There is always a way to make a change. There is always hope.

Oh, by the way, you do not have to become a Buddhist monk or a practicing Buddhist to read and benefit from this book. Give it a never know how it may help you....

Jack Kornfield was also featured on Super Soul Sunday a few weeks back. Check your local listings, Cleveland, for another air date.

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