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‘Jack is coming back’: Fasten your seatbelts

Rugged Super Agent Jack Bauer
Babar Suhail Spoiler TV

In less than three months, FOX network’s smash hit ‘24’ will return to our television screens and the world is anxiously waiting. For a few years now, the rumor mill had been spinning a yarn about a possible movie. For now, the fans will gratefully accept the 12-episode limited run just to see Jack Bauer. Super Bowl 24 teased ‘24’ followers by playing ad for “24: Live Another Day.” Now cravings that have long remained dormant are stirred up with anticipation.

The scheduled air date is May 5, 2014. Mark you calendar. Get ready. Take those nerve pills. Drink that glass of warm milk or whatever it takes (legally) to sooth those nerves in order to quell the adrenaline rush that is sure to come.

Joining Jack will be the stern yet helpful Chloe O’Brien (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub). Chloe did such an excellent job in showing us that when danger strikes there is absolutely no time to be cheesing and grinning. Fans will get that. Benjamin Bratt will also be on hand as a yummy addition to the stellar cast.

This Emmy Award winning, groundbreaking show was so popular only a few short years ago until babies probably learned to say Jack Bauer before they could utter the word dada. Audiences simply adored the series. Just saying.

‘24’ made its debut in November of 2001. Each episode was jam-packed with action and anxiety riddled story lines, all taking place within a 24-hour period. Rest assured, when ‘24” hits the airways again on May 5, missiles will fly, viewing ratings will rise and ladies will be clutching their pearls.

Tick tock everyone. Tick. Tock.

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