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Jack Frost Has Dumped On Atlanta

The recent snow in Atlanta has completely changed the nightlife atmosphere. It has left a lot of us cold, stuck in the house and just plain unhappy. However, this can be the perfect opportunity to get several things accomplished.

Atlanta party-goers where trapped indoors for a few days
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Consider having a quiet night with that significant other. Do something special. For example, try cooking some wonderful "comfort food" and relying on being trapped indoors to become better acquainted. Repair your damaged relationship, add some spice, (even if there are no problems) and/or get to know your partner all over again.

The summer is close at hand and a bunch of you party-goers will be leaving the kids with a babysitter or sending them away for the summer. (Don't feel guilty you deserve the break) Grab the kids, make some tacos for dinner (let the kids help) and watch a classic Disney Movie for great bonding time. Don't forget the popcorn!

However, if you're anything like me, without kids and no significant other you can use those extra night hours to clean out your laptop/iphone, catch up on chores and I even got in a few extra writing assignments. I know, I know, sounds boring, but when the snow has melted away then I'll have more time to enjoy drinks, dinner and dancing for a familiar night out on the town in Atlanta.

Plus, there has never been anything wrong with taking the party indoors!

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